2nd Day of Training and doing fine

  1. Well its going great..My Instructor is a hoot and I mean by that..a great spirited person..She loves to joke and tell us all kinds of things..I'm so glad she isn't snooty and so strict. Today was about the trainee's demonstrating things they've learned so far and let me tell you it was hilarious..its all fun now but I know when its serious time..but just had to share this because I was so worried I was gonna get someone with no patience and I just couldn't go that. Glad I have her as my Instructor!
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  3. by   mattiemiranda
    That's great that you have a good instructor. Back when I was in training mine was the same way and it really made everything a lot easier. She was so patient and took her time to go over things when we didn't understand them.

    Congratulations on becoming a CNA!