$15-$18 hourly 40 hours weekly agency position possible?

  1. I have heard agencies pay better than other jobs for cna/pct. I am scheduled to graduate with a CNA/HHA/ PCT (Patient care tech) certification in July. Is it possible to make $15-18 and get 40 hours? I need to make $15 to make my bills. Any advice/tips/leads? Thanks so much!
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    What state and city do you live in If you don't add that info it will be difficult for you to get the right answer.
    Well, I live and work in NY, and PCT at my job starts at $16.90/hr for full time. Don't hire part time or Per diem.
    good luck:spin:
  4. by   RNfaster
    In my area, at acute care facilities, I've heard that patient care techs on staff make about $18 as they build seniority with the facility and/or years of experience.
  5. by   Cococure
    NO not in florida at all even with years of experience...hope things are better in your state