by Jewelsy Member

I have wanted to be nurse forever. But circumstances got in the way. I read some other threads about age and being older. I feel like I can do it. I just have some questions about the best way to go about it.

If a person is older, like I am, 55, and wants to become a nurse. Some of the nurses here are saying that it is harder for older people to get a job because of training expenses. So, would it be better to first become a CNA, Then immediately an acute care CNA, then immediately an LVN/LPN. That way we will have alot of hands on experience.

Also, do you all think that at 55, I would be able to get an job as a LVN/LPN and an assisted living/Nursing Home, fairly easy. I would like to become an LVN/LPN and work in an assisted Living/Nursing Home, or even Home Health, Hospice. Does anyone have any advise for me, like what track I should take at my age, I don't really want o become an RN because of the length of schooling and the stress. And it seems it is difficult to find a job.