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It has been many quite some time, since I have had time to go to allnurses. I have been working minimum 78 hours weekly. 7 days a week. I am working as a "home health aid" and not a cna. My employer doesn't hire "skilled nurses". Anyway, It's not what I had in mind as employment, but the money was great. But then, I had to work all these hours to get a big fat paycheck. I had only 2 clients. A husband and wife. Long story short, they are now going into a nursing home. So, I am without paycheck. I can't sit around and wait for new client, so I thought, what an excellent time to sign up for LPN class. Well, that fell through. It seems that due to budget cuts, here in FL., the classroom sizes have gotten smaller, and the LPN program is only held at the one of 3 campuses , in my area. Therefore, the classes are all filled for the year 2012-13. I am signed up for August of 2013. My question is, is the LPN program really hard? I know the RN program is, but the thing is, is that I have to have a job and be able to go to school. Also, should I suck it up and go work in a facility, where I know Im always guarenteed hours, for 8-9 dollars an hour, or sit idley by and wait for a new client, where I am making 11-12 dollars an hour. I am all confused..:confused:



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I would post this under the student forum, LPN/LVN. I think you will get more information.Good luck.

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I'm not in an LPN program, but I've known people who have gone through the LPN and RN programs. Hands down, the LPN program seems to be a lot more difficult than the RN program. I don't think it's because of the skills, but because the expectations at certain technical centers is a lot higher. I know it doesn't sound like it makes sense, but that's just what I've seen.


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Having been through both, I can tell you LPN is much harder. The skills learning is pretty much the same. In the RN program you get a lot more theory and fluff.