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CNA job in Vegas.



I'm a CNA looking for a job in Vegas. I just got my certification transferred to Vegas but it has been hard because I don't have any experience yet. Does anyone know of any openings? I'm a guy starving for work and it's been really hard :-/. Thanks to anyone who can help!

ohmeowzer RN, RN

Specializes in ob/gyn med /surg.

there's tons of nursing homes you can apply at . i'm sur they would snap you right up. you should log on the the newspaper " the las vegas review journal" and see what is open for CNA's . i would get a phone book and call all the nursing homes in the book and go put in appliations.

Thanks for the input! Yea I will do that, I'm gonna shoot for Mountain View hospital first and see where that goes, then I will hit up all the nursing homes.

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