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CNA Interview

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I got a callback from a rehab/SNF that I recently applied to. I have no experience as a CNA and this would be my first time working in the medical field. I currently work as a cashier at Walmart. Previously, I've worked at other grocery stores, a movie theater, a restaurant, and at Starbucks. I have an interview scheduled for this Thursday. Does anyone have any advice for me? Questions I should prepare myself for? How could I spin my previous work experience to make it as applicable to the CNA/PCT role?

thanks for any advice you can give me! I'll be sure to upldate after the interview!

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You may be good at:

Getting along with a variety of personalities, including difficult ones

Managing multiple tasks coming from multiple directions

Taking direction from supervisors with a cooperative and pleasant attitude

Taking initiative when appropriate instead of waiting to be instructed

Good luck!

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