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CNA debating on moving to CO

Ok CO nurses, I have to ask. I am a CNA, currently in Ok and the job market here for CNA's is SATURATED. I am wanting to move to a location in the country that has CNA jobs and an RN school so that I can go through school and get an RN license. (Does not matter to me if it's an ADN or BSN up front)

So, my question to you all is this: Are there CNA jobs out there (preferably around Co Springs) or any other jobs out there that pay 10-12 an hour in Colorado?

The only other state we have been considering is NM, Albuquerque specifically. We like the low humidity, altitude isn't a problem either. However, we cannot live in Denver. (We have a sweet pit bull that wouldn't be looked on too kindly, from what I hear, in Denver.)

Are RN jobs hard to come by after graduation in Colorado? I'm seeing a lot of conflicting things online about that.


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