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CNA on cardiac step down good for becoming a cardiac RN?

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by ashleydeamber ashleydeamber (New) New Student

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Hello everyone, my name is Ashley. I am currently in a nursing program also a new grad LPN (my program allows us to complete LPN by 3rd semester) and I have a dilemma. I was offered 2 LPN positions one as a charge nurse and the other as PRN which pays more. Prior to I was offered a job as a CNA on a cardiac step down unit at a hospital I'm interested in working at as a RN (detail: this hospital only hires you if you know someone there, work(ed) there, or attended school there). My question is should I accept the LPN charge nurse position (to show leadership on resume) and the CNA cardiac step down position (for when I'm ready to be a cardiac RN at this facility) or should I accept the two LPN jobs because I'm in A LOT of debt as I'm paying for school out of pocket.

Sorry for being so winded, but thank you in advance for your response

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