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looking for experiences or recommendations on how to get the most out of CME money. Do you guys like to go to remote conference? If so how do usually book the hotels and flights? Do you prefer the online CE? Anything else you like to use your CME on? 
looking forward to hearing everyone’s experiences good or bad. 


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thinbluelineRN is a MSN, NP and specializes in Corrections, Public Health, Occupational Medicine.

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I'm looking into this right now as well. By the time you add up the conference fee, flights and hotel costs my $1500 gets spent but if you look at how many CMEs you receive after going to the conference it depends on how much you put into it- I was specifically looking into the AANP conference this June and some of the conference topics I want ot take have additional fees associated with it, so still researching. 

The other idea was to take the CME days and stay home and do the classes online- if you are a member of AANP they have free online CMEs but I am not sure if this is allowed (staying home) as some companies may feel this is counterproductive.

I'm interested to hear what everyone else's experiences have been...

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