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  2. Daisy4RN

    Late December back in '18

    And again... To right this need with blinding speed...there's no need to fear DaveyDo is here...
  3. Daisy4RN

    Tragedy Reaction

    I recently went for a MD appt r/t monitoring for chronic illness/medication SE/adv reactions. After asking about a gazillion questions and sensing the annoyance of the MD I politely reminded him that I am an RN and have seen too many things that "should not have happened".
  4. Daisy4RN

    Dee Butcher RN passed

    So sorry to hear that!
  5. nursel56

    Dee Butcher RN passed

    She sounds like my kind of nurse, Davey! Condolences to you and all who knew her.
  6. Pixie.RN

    Dee Butcher RN passed

    So sorry.
  7. sirI

    Dee Butcher RN passed

    I'm sorry .... my sincere condolences, Davey.
  8. A nurse I worked with a lot on the male adult psych unit over ten years ago, Dee Butcher RN, passed away. My work wife Eleanor and I got the news just last night. After we said our "Awwwwws", we began recalling memories. Dee was a great nurse and a very funny lady. I recalled a conversation we as a group had in the lobby while waiting to clock in for our MN shift. One of the nurses said that a patient who had been discharged on the day shift was waiting in ER to be readmitted. Dee said, "It doesn't surprise me because... Godspeed, Dee!
  9. They could conduct their (ahem) prescriptive activities in their chicken coop! ("I'll have a bag of oxys and a dozen cage-free, please.")
  10. There's always some thread on the General Discussion that tells of a tragedy to which we can all relate because all the responding posts are typically the same.
  11. This is a thread in the General Discussion forum and I heard the story on the news yesterday as I was repairing my chicken coop damaged in a storm. If these "professionals" had had a chicken coop to repair, they wouldn't have been out doing illegal things!
  12. Davey Do

    Dark Threads

    Nurses who "only do it for the money"