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Clozapine peak time


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Davis indicates the onset is unknown, peak is "wk" and duration is 4-12 hours. I am really puzzles as to what the wk could mean. Initially I thought a week, but how could the peak be a weak when its duration is 4-12 hours. Does anyone know what the wk could mean or what the peak is?

So I read the Davis drug guide and I found what you stated. I compared it to another drug guide & it states peak time is 2.5 hours. It could be a typo by Davis. Otherwise my first thought was that it takes a week before the effects of Clozapine is felt.

MunoRN, RN

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I can't say that "wk" was definitely meant to mean one week, but the true time to peak of clozapine is about one week. This is because it takes about a week (to 10 days) for clozapine to reach steady state levels, and it's only then that the highest concentrations will be found, about 2-3 hours after each dose.