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Clinical Research Nurse - Gaining undergrad experience on research or in hands-on care?

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I just finished my first term second-year nursing and I am conflicted right now on how I should approach my career path. Research in nursing is important mainly because our practice relies heavily on evidence-based research. I want to contribute to research eventually as a nurse but I also want to have hands-on care with my patients.

I have a feeling that I'd want to do clinical research nursing as it incorporates both research and hands-on nursing. However; Should I focus on gaining research experience as an undergrad or be on the field and gain hands-on experience working as an aide? I could focus finding work as a nursing research assistant or find work more focused on hands-on care such as an aide.

My aim right now is to gain experience that would make me more employable after graduation. I'm not sure whether a research experience or a hands-on experience in the hospital as an aide would make me more employable. I'm quite conflicted on what to do so I'd appreciate somebody else's opinion.

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llg has 40 years experience as a PhD, RN and works as a Nursing Professional Development + Academic Facult.

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It depends on the details of each possible position. There is no one answer that would be correct for all situations.

For example, if there is an area of nursing that really interests you ... getting involved in research in that field would be of more value to you than getting a job as a nursing assistant in a totally different field. But getting involved in research in a totally different field would be of less value to you than being a nursing assistant in your field of interest.

It's the specifics of the jobs that matter most -- not the overall role. Choose the opportunities that give you experience (and connections) with the fields that interest you most.

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