Transitional experiences

  1. I am doing my fourth year Nursing and Midwifery degree programme. I need to do a project paper on transitional experiences of a practicing nurse from first student to employment and whatever experienced. How have you experienced your career transitions? Please share with me and for the sake of my study project paper. We do not have much documented in our library on this subject. Any knowledge where I can get some more material? Lydia
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  3. by   RNAnnjeh
    You may want to look at Benner's "From Novice to Expert" for some background on professional growth of nurses.

    Not sure what exactly you're looking for regarding your paper. Can you elaborate?
  4. by   mwalydia
    want to elaborate as you have said on the information i need. its about the Transitional Experience of a New Nurse Graduate in the first year of practice in a hospital setting. I read the book you indicated, "from novice to expert" and it had good information. if you can have more information please i will appreciate.