Help! I need a CNS!!

  1. Hello all!
    I am in my last semester of nursing school, and anticipate graduating in May. I'm very excited about this of course ...Here is where I need your help!

    My task for this semesters proffesional development project is to interview anyone of my choice in an Advanced Practice setting, and present it in a proffesional manner to the faculty and staff just before finals in April. I am choosing to interview a CNS - since someday I want to go that route (maybe I'm crazy??)

    I was hoping someone who is a CNS (in any area) would be willing to answer a few questions for me via email, I know you are probably incredibly busy, but I would email the questions that I have and it wouldn't be too long of a list - or if it would be easier via telephone?? I would appriciate ANYONE who can help. I will check responses on or if it's easier here is my email
    I need as much input as I can get!!! Thank you so much in advance!!
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