Clinical Nurse Specialist-Pediatrics?

  1. Hello!

    Has anyone recently obtained the CNS degree?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I have an adult health and peds CNS.

    Pros. I can work in and outpt
    Cons. In some states not alrn
  4. by   NurseSam84
    Hey Paige. I'm actually in the process of prepping my applications for a couple schools for Peds CNS. I spoke with a couple of people who recently obtained their degrees in peds CNS & neonatal CNS. They're very happy with their positions. They say they have to attend many meetings and their schedules are quite busy but they are enjoying their positions.
    Unfortunately there's barely any programs anymore but it seems the CNS role is back on the upswing again as the ACA brings the focus on quality in inpatient care. I think I've only found 5 current programs and 2 of them are DNP programs.
    I'm also looking into a couple programs as I can always return for a post-grad certificate as a peds NP. Many courses are taken alongside NP students. This will allow job flexibility should the CNS role again be put aside.
    What programs are you looking into?