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Clinical Nurse Leaders

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Are there any CNL's in this field who might be willing to answer the following interview questions for me for my CNL professional role assignment in my MSN program? I worked Neuro/neuro surgery for 12 out of my 25 years as a nurse. Love the field. Here are the questions for any CNL who is interested.

1. What is your title and role in the organization? How long have you been in this role?

2. What did your educational program entail? Length, clinical hours etc.

3. Do you feel that your education prepared you adequately for your role? If not what was missing needed more of, etc.

4. Describe a typical day in your role.

5. Are you supported in your role by the organization?

6. What are your frustrations and struggles with the role?

7. I you could design your role differently, how would you do it?

8. Do you believe you contribute to the organization in a unique way because of your education and role?

If you prefer I will receive your answers per my email address at fjcampbell1952@yahoo.com

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