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Clinical changes for RN Students in N.C. ?

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Hello all,

I am curious to know if your program has any clinical changes due to COVID-19? Did your program reduce clinical hours? Many states reduced clinical hours for students. The NCBON left it in the hands of the program directors at all colleges in NC. We are currently suspended from clinicals due to COVID19 until further notice. However we still have to complete a few days (when.... I have no clue). They just recently said we will be doing eSIMS to get 30 hours of clinicals but still need to finish them up. If not, we will get an incomplete and have to finish the hours over the Summer after graduation before we can register for NCLEX. I don’t think this is fair. We didn’t ask for any of this and I’ve already accepted a job for June.

what are your thoughts? What should our class do? It seems unfair, some schools get clinical hours reduced to meet graduation and others do not.

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