Claustrophobia and MRI


Hi all ,

I have a question I may have to have another MRI and I flipping out a little , I have had 3-4 before and all have been nightmares the 1st one I had a bad reaction to the dye and passed out as i was gasping for air trying to yell for help because they used some kind of ingector annd no one was in the room with me :eek: The next one the nurse stayed with me and I was given valuim by iv with no dye it worked kind of ok and I had it the next time I needed one and this time it did not work at all I was pulled out and given 2 full does,s and it did not work .

So I do not know what to do if I need another one can i ask to be put out fully ? I also can not stand the noise of it .. I can not be the olney one ..

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