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Class or Conference for Emergencies in the Field?

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by shel_wny shel_wny (New Member) New Member

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Hi all,

I have been a critical care nurse for 4 years in the MICU/SICU.

I wish I knew more about what to do during emergencies outside of the ICU.

I want to know what to do if I come across a car accident and someone needs help, if someone gets bit by a snake while I'm hiking, if I see a child hit by a car, or if a person has a compound fracture.

How can I best help that person? What little things can I do first?

I know basics from my nursing knowledge but I'd love to learn about practical concepts of nursing outside of the hospital and in the field.

Is there a book I can read, a course I can take, or a conference that I can attend about this?

This question has been on my mind for some time and I just haven't found any information.


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