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City Tech RN-BSN?


Has anyone attended this program? Is it "working nurse" friendly?

I took chemistry this semester with a couple of working RNs in the RN-BSN program. They seem to be doing okay with it.

Hey I attend City Tech, but I am in the Associates program. The BSN is great for working nurses. There classes and clinical are only on Wednesday so that it is easier for you to work around your school schedule.

I'm in the program. I finished the Associate's last Spring and now I'm in the BSN program. Yes, it is "worker friendly" - kind of. All of the nursing classes are held on Wednesdays, that way you only need one day off per week. However, there are other classes you have to take beside the nursing courses, for example, statistics, industrial psychology, a philosophy course... and those classes are on various days. So, it depends.