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CIR -- Physician and Health Care Professional Issues

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Edited... Thanks for the comment Suzanne4.

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Things have also been changing almost on a daily basis with the CIR. What you are seeing now probably will not even exist in the same form when the bill gets completed. Not even 1/2 of the expected 1000 pages has even been completed, let alone open for discussion.

And there are many more issues at stake then what will happen for nurses and other health care professionals at this point. And as a foreigner, it is not even up for discussion. I do not want 30,000 gang members being permitted to get instant legal status, nor should you want your taxes to pay the immigration fees for 12 million people. You are having to pay for yours, why should you do it for everyone else?

There are already multiple threads on this very same topic, just look for them.

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