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Christ Hospital how hard to get in?

Rouss Rouss (New) New

Hi. I will like to know how hard is to get into this program? Did you guys had to wait longer than usual to get in? Thanks so much in advance.

Anyone please?

Tinkx RN

Specializes in Case Management.

Hello, Im just wondering if you found the info you wee looking for?

I'm currently a student nurse at Chirst hospital and yes this school is very competitive to get into! But don't worry they try and work with you to be admitted like using your acceptable s.a.t.'s for a substitute for the nln Pax scores and giving interviews if your application packet is weak (not saying yours are). Make sure you apply early like if you want to get in fall 2013 then you should have stated applying September 2012!

Let me know if you have any questions...I'm here all summer lol and good luck!


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