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Choosing a nursing school

by nursetobe. nursetobe. (New) New Student

I got in for the traditional BSN programs at UTHealth Houston, Texas A&M and UTMB Galvestion, but I'm having a hard time deciding between where to commit to. Does anyone have any advice on which to pick?


Has 3 years experience.

I have a friend who went to UTMB. She said UTMB was such an amazing school, she felt at home. Teachers always helping and trying to understand. Plus if you’re moving, she said that rent in Galveston is cheap! She shared an aparment with her best friend and was doable.

I personally love Texas A&M. I have been trying to get in their nursing program for the longest! They are one of the tops schools!

UT Health just seems very overwhelming with the Summer term, id rather go for Spring or fall.

again, congratulations on your acceptances!! You’re awesome!

tysm!! I ended up picking UTHealth because it's a lot closer to home and I've heard great things about all of the programs!

Which other programs are you looking into?