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CHM 130 Final at Rio Salado

by ishurtado ishurtado (New) New

Hey Y'all, I'm currently taking the 8 week online course for CHM 130 at Rio and my final is coming up on Saturday! I've studied the AYL essays I wrote, currently doing practice problems from the book, as well as studying over the quizzes I've taken in the class. Has anybody taken the final for this class? I was just curious what majority of the questions were on the final and what I should mainly focus on. I studied all over the place for the midterm(rushed and not exactly prepared) and I got a C on the midterm, so my goal is to get a C or *hopefully* better- mind you, I am terrible at multiple choice(I know, it's odd). Thank you!

PS: Does anyone know the grading system works for CHM130 and CHM130LL? I attend ASU and am taking this class through Rio for the Summer. At ASU, they usually take 30% of the lab grade for the overall grade. Will these grades be separate in Rio or when they transfer over will they do the 30% of the lab grade for the whole grade? Sorry if that didn't make much sense! Thank you again!

How did u do on your final? I am taking it this week. Is it the AYL questions and essays? How are the calculations. THanks.