CHLA Nurse Residency - General Questions

by Peds.RN Peds.RN (New) New Nurse Student

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I'm looking to apply to next year's CHLA nurse residency program, but I'm a little confused as to where I can get information about the available units you can apply to. Does anyone who has previously applied and been accepted into residency know where I can find this information? Or does anyone have any insight or advice about the different floors, training, and patient population? What the different roles and responsibilities are? What the staff to patient ratios are like, etc.?

I am especially interested in the PICU. I have always wanted to be a PICU nurse. However, CHLA is also top in the country for cardiology, and I wonder now what the difference is between working in the PICU or the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Can someone with experience provide me with some more information about the two?

Additionally, does anyone know what the average GPA of program applicants is? Do they look at your individual coursework grades r/t ICU care? Thank you!