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Children's National NICU

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I have been working in a Level IV NICU in a large teaching hospital in Atlanta for the past 4 years, but I'm looking to move farther north. I'm considering Children's National, but I'd like more info about the hospital. Can anyone tell me what pay might be for a nurse who's RNC-NIC certified, has a BSN and two other non-nursing degrees, and has 4 years of Level IV NICU experience? Do nurses all have to rotate, or do they hire day shift people? I found elsewhere that parking is off-site-- I shuttle where I work now and it's a hassle. Is public transportation a viable option? How's the staff-- friendly/bullying/supportive? How is management? What are nurse retention rates like? Do they value nurses' continuing education and support their nurses in going to conferences? And anything else about what working there is like would be super helpful! I'm also wondering about the area in general and where to live etc. 😬

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