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Childrens National DC Residency Fall 2020

by jvt01 jvt01 Member Student

Hi everyone! I didn't see a thread about the Children's National New Grad residency for fall 2020 so I thought I'd start one! I applied to the NICU and the site says I'm "under review", whatever that means. Anyone else apply? 🙂

I applied for the NICU at Children’s as well! It also says I'm under review. I wonder when they’ll start contacting people, if they haven't already.

Not sure, I haven't been able to find a thread from last year to get an idea of the timeline. Are you local or from out of state? I worry that with all the COVID-19 stuff going on they'll want more in-state than out and I'm from MA.

I'm out of state too, but not too far I'm from VA. I don’t really think that will be much of a factor. I'm assuming they have gotten many applications from new grads around the whole country. From what I can tell from previous years is people who've applied for Summer/fall cohort usually hear something by late April/ May. But things probably have been pushed back due to COVID. I just hate not knowing a timeline! LOL

I heard that they have a hiring freeze from a friend who interviewed

Oh! That’s disappointing but not surprising.


Has 2 years experience.

I also heard there is a hiring freeze from someone that works there. Hopefully it will be lifted in May!

did anyone's submission change?

Mine didn’t, did yours?

it just changed to evaluation in process but it seems like it doesn't mean anything

That seems like a good sign! Maybe you'll be contacted soon!

Mine says "under review"-does anyone else's say that?

@sendhelpWhat does the description for the evaluation one say? The one for under review says "Resume submission has been received and is currently under review."