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Children's Medical Center of Dallas February 2017 residency

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For any potential Children's Dallas future residents to share updates and ask any questions.

Did anyone attend the on site interviews? How did it go?

I did! It was pretty relaxed and casual. Mine was for the trauma/PICU. Anyone know how many applicants?

Hi all. I'm really interested in this hospital and was just curious as to when you all received emails for interviews? Also how did they know which unit to interview you for since there wasn't a place to specify a preference on the initial application? Thanks in advance!! Also congrats on your interview @tmrs15! Sounds like it went well!

They called me about it about three weeks ago. There was an online interview and they asked what units we are interested in then. Then about a week and a half later, they emailed me about the in person interview.

Ha anyone received a call about a job offer yet?

Not yet, they said we should hear back mid this week, so hopefully around Wednesday or Thursday.

Did anyone have an interview for General Pediatrics? I had my interview last week and I am waiting for a call/email on if I got accepted or not still. I am nervous...

I have not yet.

Anyone hear anything today?

I got a call today from the recruiter with an offer! Keep your phones close!

Congrats @summershawky !!! Where is your offer?

Thank you! @tmrs15 it's on the neuro unit.

Congrats @summershawky I hope I hear back soon!

Anyone hear of anything on PICU/Ticu yet?

Not yet!! Hopefully soon!!!

Has anyone heard from general pediatrics yet?

Thank you! @tmrs15 it's on the neuro unit.

Was neuro your only interview or your first choice?