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children's hospitals experience

amyinpa amyinpa (New) New

Hi All!

I am a senior getting my BSN who wants to work in PEDs. There are so many choices and I was wondering if anyone can talk to me about their experience at Temple Children's, St. Chris, CHOP and/or Shriners.

Any comments are very much appreciated!!



No experiences there, but you may also want to look into Einstein, Abington Memorial and Frankford -Torresdale Hospital too. The also have peds, albeit it smaller departments.

Good luck!

I am still in school, but know a few people who work at Frankford Torresdale, and they really like it there. Not perfect, of course, but they have worked at the "biggie" hospitals, and they say they don't compare when it comes to working environment.

I have experience from the "family of a patient side" and can not say enough nice things about them. Their peds unit I hear is a good one. Good company to work for.

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