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Chemistry 105 at WCCCD

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If anyone knows of an excellent chemistry teacher at wcccd, please reply with your opinions. I was told of one teacher already but unfortunately he is only teaching chem 135 not 105. Thanks!

The two chemistry instructors I know of and had were pretty good and knew their stuff in and out. That would be D. Sole and J. Wittbrodt.

Both teach 105, are very passionate about teaching, and took the time to make sure our class understood the basics before moving us into the harder content.

I must say, although they are great teachers this in no certain way implies that they are EASY!!

There were many days I was doing this :no::banghead::bugeyes:. But they helped me understand more than I thought I ever would about the subject, and although I didn't remember much of what I had learned in H.S. over a decade ago I somehow managed to come out with an A.

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