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Any strategies/techniques to prevent this - particularly in adolescents?


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in the prison where I work, if an IM is known to have been doing this all meds are crushed, or caps opened, and poured into a small cup of water and given that way, then mouth checks are done,


Jules A, MSN

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Yeah we crush when it finally comes to light that there is a problem. Just be sure to verify if you are giving meds that are not to be crushed. We do mouth checks of course but those little buggars are pretty crafty at getting it past us if they want to. You can also get the Physician to write the orders for liquid or melt tabs when applicable.

Whispera, MSN, RN

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You can also check under the tongue using a tongue depressor. Lift up one side of the tongue and then the other with the depressor. Don't ever put your finger in a patient's mouth to check!

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