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CHC Corrections Job in OHIO

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I recently applied to a CHC Corrections RN position and I wanted to know more about the company. I've seen people post on here before about working there and I just wanted to know what was the pay like and if they like their job? The posting was very vague and would not give the name of the prison, only the approximate location.

Last week I interviewed with CCA and was quite pleased as to what they had to offer for RN wages. The RN job I interviewed for paid $32.66/hr with benefits. Same went for PRN wages. That is an outstanding rate of pay, especially for a new graduate! I am awaiting a response for sometime next week as to whether I got the job or not, but until then I am still putting out applications.:yes:

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CHC is fine, I had no issues with the company more so the facility I was at. The pay I received was probably the highest I ever got. I don't know how the insurance is since I resigned before I received it.

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