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Charge RN for Subacute Floor in SNF. Need advice about whether I should accept job offer..

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I just interviewed for a charge RN position for a brand new subacute unit Mon-Fri 3p-7p no weekends. The CN works alongside two med nurses, a unit manager, 6 CNAs, and a admission discharge nurse. My background for the last 12 months have been in a hospital on a medical psych unit. My ratio with that job is 6:1. the unit I interviewed for is 41 beds. each nurse will have 20 or 21 patients each, 10 at least subacute and the other 10 long term. My role would be to supervise the nurses and aides, help out on the floor as needed, tend to the patients families, help with MDS, and etc. I do not have any previous charge experience. I will be offered 64 hours of training time. The base pay is a little over 29 per hour and i am located in the northwest. Ive been a nurse for 3.5 years. I am wondering if I should try this position out or am I getting in over my head? Anyone here with experience or advice is welcome. Thank you in advance..

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