Charge as a new grad ICU RN


I’ve been A nurse since august (graduated nursing school in May 2021). I am a new grad nurse in the ICU. I started my job in the beginning of August and completed orientation by the first week in December. I’m already a charge nurse due to short staffing. Does this seem fair? Do you agree?

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This is a huge safety issue as you are still finding your own comfort within critical care. You should speak up for yourself and voice your concerns regarding this issue. The ICU where I work you are expected to have 2-3 years of independent practice before being oriented to the charge role. 



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I would definitely tell them I am not comfortable with the charge role and it isn’t fair that they put you in that role due to shortage. Please protect your license at all costs- you worked hard for it!

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So not fair but it's unfortunately the world we currently live in 😞 I've seen it happen too many times. New grad's as charge, float nurses as charge, travelers as charge. Crazy! But it's happening all over.