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Changing units after orientation

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I recently accepted a job at my dream hospital. It is one of the top ranked in the world. I interviewed for a few different units and at the time I accepted the one that fit me. I accepted the position 6 months prior to graduation. During my preceptorship I did time in the ICU because I academically qualified and fell in love and felt that's where I needed to be. I am now almost done with my 12 week orientation on a step down and just overall unhappy. The unit itself is great, the nurse managers and coworkers so far have been more than helpful and more than I could possibly ask for - I'm just not being fufilled. I go to work for 12 hours and I am bored honestly. Im not sure if I should suck it up for a year or I should talk to HR and try to make a move. 

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First and foremost you need to review your facility's policy on how soon you can change departments after coming off residency. Industry standard is one to two years. If you have that to fulfill I would keep quiet about your desire to get into the ICU until after that time has gone by. Nobody wants to be second best.

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