Changing Specialties


Hello all,

I have been a psychiatric/med-surg nurse for my entire nursing career, which has been a whopping 1.5 years. Basically, I worked with court ordered patients for both evaluation and treatment of their mental health that also had serious medical problems such as heart disease or required dialysis. As much as I've enjoyed that, I must admit that I am tired of nearly getting punched or being spit at by psychotic patients fairly often, and I decided just to apply and try for a change.

I've always had a strong interest in trauma nursing, and I took the TNCC last November and passed. I also have a degree in Psychology and concentrated in Behavioral Neuroscience; I love the human brain and find it fascinating. After an interview on a neuro/trauma floor, I was called that afternoon and offered the position. I start on Monday with New Employee Orientation, and I'm extremely excited to learn a new skill set.

I'm looking for any advice the experienced RN's could grant me, such as essential parts of your neurological examination during a head-to-toe and when to sound the alarms versus expected findings. Really, any advice that you can give, I welcome it with open arms.

Thank you!