Changing focus--what about parish nursing

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I have been a nurse, primarily pediatrics, for 33 years. Diploma degree. I am having a total knee replacement and I cannot do heavy nursing, plus I no longer want to do that. i have been thinking a lot about parish nursing and would like to know how to get started. Must I get a degree? Where and what courses could I take without actually getting a BSN? Any info would be really appreciated



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Hi DonaL,

If you haven't already done so, you might want to check out the bb area for parish nursing.

I have done a brief investigation of this area as well. The criteria for the programs I reviewed is that the nurse has to be part of a congregation and has to have pastorial support. Of course, you would need pastorial support if you expect an income from your service. There was no requirement for a BSN. There is some minor costs involved as well as time needed to complete the studies which is anywhere from six months to a year.

I would think that your extensive background in peds would make you a wonderful addition to a congregation as a parish nurse. Caregivers of children would no doubt appreciate it. Best wishes.

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