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**Changes for applying at Columbus state***

Hi everyone-just wanted to post some changes that I found out this weekend for applying at CSCC for the RN program. First off, they cancelled the July 06 application period cause the application period from this past January filled all the Spring seats. Also, Applying for fall 07 will begin on on January 1st and end the 31st. This application period is much shorter than last year. Also, as of fall 07 they are adding Psych 240 to the pre reqs list. Also, for the fall of 08 class they will be grading the MATH portion of the NET test. THIS IS NEW-prior to this the math grade wasn't important but now they will be using it for application acceptance. For more info please visit the site CSCC.EDU thought that I would pass this info along b/c as students we are responsible for knowing these things-we don't get "notified". ~*~*~*~*Hello to all Fellow Spring 07 nursing students:wink2: ~*~*~*~

Good info! And hello to you as another Spring starter!

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