Chances For Acceptance


Hi, I am a Pre-nursing student in one of the CSU's. I just finished my freshman year this Spring semester. Unfortunately, I ended up with B in Chemistry (5 units) and B in Anatomy (4 units). I plan to complete Microbiology (4 units) this Summer and Physiology (4 units) in the Fall so I can apply to nursing schools during Spring 2021. But with two B's, I am quite discouraged with my chances of getting into the nursing programs as they are very impacted and competitive these days. All my other courses so far (my GE's which include oral and written communication, critical thinking, etc.) have a GPA of 4.0. Assuming that I get an A in Microbiology and Physiology and a decent TEAS score, what are my chances of getting into BSN program at SDSU, SJSU, USF, CSULB? Is it highly unlikely to get into these schools? These four schools are currently my top choices. Thanks for the help! ?