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Chance of job with insurance company right out of school?

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Hi, I am wondering what my chances are for landing a job in insurance right out of school (RN)? I have worked for the insurance company for 10 yrs, 12 yrs once I graduate and they are paying for my education...does that raise my chances for getting a job with them? What type of competition for these jobs, if any? thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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I think it depends on what type of insurance and the job.

The case management positions with medical insurance companies require several years of clinical experience.

As for the nurses that do health assessments for underwriting life insurance policies, I don't know.

Since you're already working for an insurance company, did you ask your HR department?

If I were you I would ask your HR department what they have in mind for you. Otherwise, I agree that the case management jobs require years of experience. I don't see them hiring you for that type of position. Good luck.