Chamberlain RN-BSN online Spring 2012

  1. I finally decided to resume studies for the BSN! I'm starting this Spring on Monday, Feb. 27th. Is there anyone else out there who will start on that day?
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  3. by   d.hawkinsrn
    I am starting Monday as well!! So excited taking NR 351 and Eng 135...
  4. by   sportylmt
    I am starting tomorrow, April 30th! How has your experience been so far?
    Anyone else starting this week?
  5. by   Ozzia
    Just an FYI-Chamberlain has stopped their Community Nursign and Collaborative Nursing portfolio option. You now must take a proficiency test for each course you can no longer go the portfolio route. This is a huge change which their admission advisors knew nothing about!! This was the main reason that I chose beware!!!