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  1. Hi guys!

    I submitted my application for chamberlain in New Brunswick, took the hesi a2and now I'm playing the waiting game. My hesi score was an 74% average and didn't scored too well on all the parts. I have an 3.1 gpa from a community college that I took pre requesities. I didn't find the hesi to be too difficult but I guess I didn't had enough time to study or I just didn't know how to study for such a big test. I work full time, and i have my child plus other responsibilities and stuff that were going on at the moment, which I know it triggered that I didn't got a higher grade. It was my second attempt, the 1st one I completely failed. The average score or passing score is 73% at chamberlain. Now I'm freaking out because I have to wait till the 21st to see if I got accepted into the program or not?

    have anyone got accepted with not to good hesi a2 scores but a good gpa?
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  3. by   jbrown796
    Did you get accepted into the school?