Chamberlain Irving Campus, Starting January or May 2018

  1. Hi-

    Hopefully going to be starting in Jan or May of 2018. Anyone else starting or is in the program already in Irving?
    Would love to connect.
    If so how do you like it?
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  3. by   Callmebritt08
    Hey! I'm hoping to start in January. I've already started the secondary admission process of finger printing and background checks. Let me know where your at in the application process.
  4. by   Den1978
    Hi -
    I'm scheduled to go on November 1st for tour around / fingerprinting and schedule/financial aid.

    I live in Houston so will need to move trying to sort it out.
    Feel free to pm me
  5. by   Schenier90
    How are you guys liking it at the Irving campus? I am looking to start in September but I am a little apprehensive.