Chamberlain College- e books (chicago campus)

  1. Hi there:

    I was wondering if anyone currently enrolled at chamberlain could tell me what format the e books are released in and what is the best device for utilizing the electronic books. I am starting in Jan and trying to acquire the necessary items before school starts, so I will be prepared to be as successful as possible.

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  3. by   MarcieD
    I have an iPad that I view them on, I think that is the best way if you have one. They come in an app called Bookshelf. You can also just download them to your computer as well. When the online portal of your class opens up, there will be instructions in the syllabus on how to use them. Good luck!!
  4. by   luvnlfe,LMT
    Thanks. The only bad thing I have heard about the Ipad is that there is no expansion slots for saving the ebooks to external devices. Having to save textbooks would take up a sizeable amount of memory right?