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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am planning on attending Chamberlain nursing school spring of 2018. I currently have a full time, well bartending 4 nights a week, job. while I am in school I do need to work. My question seems simple but it's hard to get a really straight answer. It's not about the school itself or subjects covered, it's really just about the class schedule, hours in-person online and the days and hours of clinicals along with the classes.

    I know it's somewhat hard to answer because everyone's schedule is a little different and people have clinicals on different days and some in the morning and some at night, but if I could just have some idea by hearing about different students' different schedule in breakdowns of in-class, on-line, and clinicals, with hours and days, that would be amazing.

    This would be greatly appreciated and calm the majority of my nerves!

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  3. by   babyiguama
    I would love to know some of the same things, Nick. Are you entering the BSN or MSN program?