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Chamberlain college of nursing (chicago)

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Hi everyone!

I am applying to chamberlain in chicago and I wanted to know about the program from a students perspective. I've seen a few negative reviews but then when I go to ratemyprofessor.com, people have posted great reviews about a few of the instructors. I am really caught in the middle.

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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I wouldn't look so much to the reviews of instructors as I would the overall quality of the program/ cost/ NCLEX pass rate /accreditation.

THOSE are the quality indicators you should be looking at.

And don't forget to look at at least a dozen programs so you can COMPARE. A no wait list program that puts you into significant student loan debt for a decade or more vs. a one or two year wait and little to no loan debt is an important thing to consider.

Best wishes