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Chamberlain - Atlanta


Hey all!

I'm just finishing up my prereqs at Gwinnett Tech, and plan to apply to Chamberlain in January!

I have a couple questions about Chamberlain though ...

Do they accept HOPE scholarship?

How are the classes/clinicals set up?

What's the possibility of being able to keep a job through it all?

Thanks so much!

Aprilrose14: I can not answer your question about the HOPE scholarship, but you can contact the school directly and ask for admissions. They can answer that questions for you. When it comes to classes and clinicals, it depends on which session you are in and how many classes you are taking. There are some course load requirements to maintain your loans and grants, outside of that you can create a schedule that works for you. There are many students that work and complete this program together. A typical week will include two days of class and one day of clinic. So, you would have four other days to work. Let me know if you have other questions that I can answer for you. I am a senior student and will be graduating in June, so I am pretty familiar with the program now.


What do you think of the program? Do you enjoy learning here?