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Chamberlain accreditation?

Djamesho Djamesho (New) New

Hi, i was just wondering have you guys heard anything about Chamberlain losing its accreditation? I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I heard it from a class mate of mine. I was just wondering did anyone else hear anything about this because I'd like to apply to Chamberlain myself. Thank you in advance!

Call your state Board of Nursing and ask them if the local Chamberlain is accredited in their eyes.

I just googled it out of curiosity and it seems to be CCNE accredited. However, this information is too important for you not to research yourself. I would do as AliNajaCat says and call the BON to check.

You might also want to look into why there are rumors of it losing accreditation. Even if the rumors are false, they could be a sign that something has gone awry in this program.