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Challenge Exams

by Classee30 Classee30 (New) New

I have just gotten excepted into ISU and will be taking the four challenge exams to begin in the spring anyone just starting or have gotten past all four? just wanted some pointers and maybe some encouragement, been out of school for a while! Thanks in advance.

Make sure that you do a review of all 4--if there are test prep books, use them.

Best of luck!!

As a new graduate student,indiana have trained professors that will work you through your journey....that is once you are in the nursing program.As for the 4 modules,i used college network and trust me people have stories to tell about them but it works for me because i am more focus on the big picture not the money they are going to collect.I am glad i used them eventhough i have to pay monthly for load but nothing comes easily in life.Determination and hardwork will get you through the program nothing else.Goodluck.