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CGFNS VSC unavailable?

hi! just want to ask anybody who encountered the same thing with cgfns website.

my friend would like to purchase the cgfns vsc online through their website but as she chose to order the said service it says: there are currently no visa screen services available for you to order.

her ielts will expire on sept.2008. would anybody know if it is availble via mail? or when will it be available again?

thanks in advance!

This often happens on any of their on-line services. It is more to do with their server or system not being on-line at that time. She may try again another day and it will be prob. not off-line by then.

We still recommend using the traditional paper application because often times, when an applicant commits a mistake in answering any of the questions, it takes a long time to have it corrected.

thanks for your quick reply lawrence! as always. :yeah:

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